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Lady Gaga's sales go through the roof after Super Bowl 2017

The 13-minute halftime performance is boosting sales of her latest album as well as her biggest hits.


Lady Gaga performs during the Super Bowl 51 halftime show in Houston.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Lady Gaga is the latest artist to prove that a spectacular Super Bowl performance can mean big digital sales.

Her Super Bowl 2017 halftime show sparked sales of approximately 150,000 digital albums and songs in the US on Sunday, according to Billboard. She sold around 15,000 digital albums and songs on Feb. 4 by comparison. The performance featured a medley of her hits, including "Just Dance," "Poker Face" and "Born This Way."

"Million Reasons" from Gaga's latest full album, "Joanne," was the big seller with more than 45,000 downloads Sunday. "Joanne" was her biggest selling digital album for the day, too, coming in at more than 12,000.

Super Bowl 2016 halftime performances by the band Coldplay and artists Bruno Mars and Beyonce boosted sales for all three acts. Beyonce's performance at Super Bowl 2013 had a similar effect on her sales as well as those of her group Destiny's Child, which reunited for the show. For the week following Super Bowl 2013, their combined album sales were 28,000, a 40 percent rise. Song download sales for Beyonce and Destiny's Child hit 280,000, up nearly 70 percent, according to Billboard.

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