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Lady Gaga first to hit the online-video billion

Visible Measures figures for online views of three of the pop singer's music videos add up to more than 1 billion. Whom should we thank for this?

The creative director for an image line at Polaroid was on Wednesday named as the first to achieve 1 billion views online.

Did this creative director remove clothes before achieving such astonishing Web fame? Why, yes. This creative director once removed all clothing and replaced them with plastic bubbles for a magazine cover.

Did the shareholders know? Perhaps only one or two. For this creative director is the sprightly alleged homage queen to, well, Queen, Bowie, and Madonna: Lady Gaga. Your (oh, yes, I'm blaming you for this) Fair Lady is quite an aficionada of tech, having wafted through CES earlier this year like a politician running for office.

And music video site Vevo declared last month that Her Ladyship was a, please excuse me in advance, Gagantuan presence on the site, constituting 25 percent of all its views.

Now Visible Measures, the counters of such things, is showing that Lady Gaga's music videos have cumulatively carried her beyond the 1 billion online-views threshold, a first for singing mankind or womankind.

She managed it by having three different and hugely fascinating videos in the "100 Million Club," a sort of Hall of Fame, updated monthly, for those videos that have blasted through repetition into addiction.

While Lady Gaga's image is such a fun spectacle, her music might, to some, resemble a cross between something you've heard before and something you wish you hadn't heard yet again--in short, gym music.

This milestone should, therefore, be dedicated to all those hairdressers, set designers, makeup artists, makers of exquisite bacon sandwiches on set, directors of photography, fashion designers, directors, and assistants who truly made this phenomenon possible.