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Ladies, meet the Bra Dryer

It's no Foreman Grill, but this machine--which promises to dry bras while keeping their shape and appearance--could be a very handy invention.

I have friends who are girls. As girls, they tend to have boobs. And because of this they wear bras. Having dated girls (I know!), I've observed how frequently girls sometimes have to buy new bras, theirs getting bent out of shape, and the silk getting creased. It's not just about looks; the distorted bras can be downright uncomfortable (from what I hear).

Bry Dryer settings
The Bar Dryer has settings for different bra materials, plus a timer.

Here comes the science. InventorSpot tells us a woman named Katy has invented this patent-pending device called the Bra Dryer which, get this, dries bras in a more constructive fashion. By allowing this machine to dry your bras instead of a conventional dryer, they're thought to keep their shape and appearance longer.

The device uses adjustable infrared heat to dry the bras rapidly, though only one at a time. As you can surely tell from the photo, it's shaped like a female torso and comes in different breast and chest size variations that users can mix and match. It also has settings for different bra materials, plus a timer.

Hopefully the BraDryer will find use in laundry rooms across the land, if it actually works. Now if I could get something like this for my bros (or mansieres), I'd be set.