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LaCie's rugged external hard drive gets bigger

LaCie announces the Rugged LX external hard drive that's based on 3.5-inch internal hard drive and offers 1TB of storage for $160.

If you own a compact Rugged All-Terrain external hard drive from LaCie, you know how tough the device is. It has a rubber bumper, and the scratch-protected aluminum case can take a serious beating.

Now the same drive has evolved to a bigger physical size with larger storage capacity.

LaCie announced Tuesday the new Rugged LX external hard drive that shares the same distinctive design by Neil Poulton.

The new drive is now based on a 3.5-inch internal hard drive and is therefore much bigger than the Rugged All-Terrain, measuring 8.46 inches by 5.11 inches by 1.73 inches. It also has an increased capacity of 1TB.

While 1TB is large, it's not large enough, considering 1.5TB and 2TB internal hard drives are getting popular nowadays. Nonetheless, the Rugged LX is the only external hard drive that comes with layers of protection and offers this much storage.

The Rugged LX supports the SATA 2 standard and offers speed up to 80MBps when used with its eSATA connection or 30MBps when used with its USB 2.0 connection. Unlike the Rugged All-Terrain, the Rugged LX is not bus-powered and needs a separate adapter, making it less convenient to use on the go.

The drive comes with backup software for both Mac and PCs and is probably best for outdoor and hazardous environment such as construction sites though its nice design fit quite well on your desk, too.

The LaCie Rugged LX is available now and costs $160.