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LaCie releases Lion-friendly NAS firmware

LaCie releases NAS OS 2.0, a major firmware update for its NAS servers, which now fully support Apple's new Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

Following Synology and QNAP, LaCie today announced a major firmware update for its Network 2 NAS servers, such as the Network Space 2, called NAS OS 2.0. One of the major improvements in this new version is full support for Apple's Mac OS 10.7 Lion, which has been known to break support for Time Machine in NAS servers that previously worked with Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

LaCie says the new firmware will also continue to provide cross-platform support for Windows and Linux, including features and services such as SMB, AFP, iSCSI target, NFS, and Windows domain integration. The company says NAS OS 2.0 brings an even easier-to-use user interface, support for scalability and automated RAID modes, and new backup functionality.

According to LaCie, the automated RAID modes enable users to easily manage RAID expansion and migration. The array can be expanded from a single disk to a multiple disk RAID mode such as RAID 1 or RAID 5. Additionally, the system can migrate from one RAID mode to another automatically or manually without endangering the data. This is similar to Synology's Hybrid RAID and Netgear's XRAID 2 that support use of hard drives of different capacities as well as adding or replacing hard drives in an existing RAID setup without having to rebuild it from scratch.

Other than that, LaCie says NAS OS 2.0 helps reduce power consumption by letting the user control energy usage. The user can schedule shutdown/restart, even to a particular day of the week. The disks can be configured to spin down after a certain period of time when no one is accessing the NAS. NAS OS 2.0 also supports wake-on-LAN protocol, allowing the NAS server to wake up automatically when there are access requests.

The new LaCie operating system will be preinstalled on all Network 2 products. Users can upgrade their existing software at no cost directly from the product dashboard.