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LaCie Huby: The prettiest of USB hubs

Tired of boring USB hubs? Check out this uber-stylish new design from the same bloke who brought us the 'Lego' hard drive

USB hubs are normally as dull as mud. Not the shiny mud you get after a rainstorm, rather the dry mud you get at the bottom of a river bed after months of drought. But not this baby: this is the LaCie Huby -- the most outrageously stylish USB hub known to man.

It's designed by the same guy who came up with the Lego-inspired LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive, and we have to say it's a work of peripheral genius. The Huby looks a lot like a vase and has eight flexible USB stalks to give it a plant aesthetic. We saw it yesterday at the Mac Expo in London.

It could potentially look rather pants if you connect it to loads of other USB cables, but we think it would look ace with a USB key on the end of each stalk. Obviously there's not much else to say about the Huby -- it's a freakin' USB hub, but please take a minute to admire its beauty.

We'll confirm pricing and availability as soon as we can pin down a LaCie rep. -RR