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LaCie announces business LCDs

LaCie announces business LCDs

We've become familiar with LaCie's high-end LCDs that are geared toward graphics professionals. But today LaCie went for a broader market in announcing a line of LCDs geared toward business users.

These new 100-series LCDs will have height-adjustable stands, as well as panels that tilt and swivel. And since these monitors are made for business uses, they advertise a high 1,000:1 contrast ratio but a slow 20-millisecond response time.

We've looked at the LaCie 319 and the LaCie 321 and were very pleased with the image quality (though they're very expensive monitors). We're hoping that this new line will deliver a good balance of price and performance. The 19-inch LaCie 190 will cost a reasonable $429, while the 20-inch will cost $699. They'll be available from retailers in late November.