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LaCie 324i covers the basics (review)

The LaCie 324i offers great performance and a fine number of features, but not as much bang for the buck as its competitors.

Dark chassis, thick panel: yep, professional monitor. Josh P. Miller/CNET

Most people don't have $1,100 to spend on a monitor; however, this fact has not stopped monitor manufacturers from offering displays at or way above this price. The LaCie 324i is the latest of such professional monitors I've reviewed and it definitely looks the part.

It has a dark chassis, a thick panel, and the large assortment of ergonomic options typically included with pro monitors.

Here's the funny thing. Although it has a pretty robust on-screen display, with brightness, contrast, color controls, and black level (!), not to mention a number of presets, including sRGB and Adobe RGB, we weren't very impressed.

Look, you put a black-level control on a monitor even half the price of the LaCie and you've got my attention. For $1,100, though, I'm expecting more customization options. I guess I've been spoiled by the NEC MultiSync PA271W's vast array of OSD features.

Check out the full review to get the complete story on how the LaCie performed compared with other high-end (and high-priced) pro monitors.

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