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L.A., here we come

L.A., here we come

Though it feels like we just returned from Las Vegas and the annual CTIA cell phone blowout in April, the autumn version of the show is right around the corner. This second show is smaller than its spring counterpart and is less focused on new handsets, but that doesn't mean we won't see anything exciting. Last year at the fall CTIA in San Francisco, Verizon introduced the Palm Treo 700w, and Cingular said it would pick up the Nokia 9300.

This year we don't quite know what to anticipate, but our smart phone expert Bonnie Cha expects to scout out some new models at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In particular, she plans on stopping by HTC's booth since the company has kept itself busy lately launching new handsets in Europe. Also, you can usually count on Kyocera and UTStarcom to unveil a few new models. Othwerwise we'll check in with such companies as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Symbian, and Microsoft. We'll start reporting live on Monday, September 11, so be sure to check back throughout the week.