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Kyocera's new look

Kyocera is doing everything it can at CTIA to build a new image.

Kyocera E5000
Kyocera E5000 CNET Networks

It's an all new Kyocera at CTIA, as the company commonly known (at least in the United States) for simple, reliable phones does everything it can to show it's not resting on its laurels. Of the company's five new phones, only the S1000 rests on the simple, functional end of the product scale. The other phones, however, feature sleek profiles, stylized keypads and fashion-friendly design. Take the E5000, for example. It's not only thin but it also supports a stainless steel body and an S-shaped hinge.

Kyocera's snazzy booth
Kyocera's snazzy booth CNET Networks

Kyocera isn't shy about admitting its new direction. Its press materials and signage at the show feature pretty new designs and colors. And its booth is definitely one of the most attractive on the show floor. The shiny black walls and the red trellis overhead are pretty. And the phones are resting on grass in glass cubes.