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Kyocera to offer Android handset in 2010

Kyocera said at the fall CTIA show that it will release a Google Android handset in 2010 and LTE devices in 2011.

Kyocera is no stranger to the U.S. market, but the company has long kept a low profile by producing low to midtier handsets for minor carriers. But at the fall CTIA show, Kyocera announced several new initiatives that could change its stateside image.

  • The company will launch a Google Android phone next year. Details on the device are unknown, but like other Android devices it should offer a touch screen and multimedia features.
  • The Google handset will be part of the company's shift to high-end devices.
  • Kyocera also will launch LTE devices by 2011. The company didn't discuss specs or carriers for the handsets, but we know that they will will support Android and other operating systems.
We'll report more details as Kyocera announces them.