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Kyocera Echo review: Double the fun or double trouble?

Sprint finally brings the Kyocera Echo and its dual screen to market. Is the Android phone too cool or too much? Check out CNET's review for the complete analysis.

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Though cell phone carriers like to boast that their devices are "one of a kind" and "industry firsts," the claims are usually nothing more than marketing speak. With the Kyocera Echo, however, Sprint wasn't just feeding us a line.

It's almost been two months since Sprint launched the Echo at a very over-the-top unveiling in New York City. Journalists like us usually have an aversion to such events, so it wasn't surprising that most attendees came away a little confused. And it didn't help that the Echo was such an unusual device. Though it looks pretty boring at first, the Echo actually has two touch screens that join together to form one large display. The Echo is nothing we've ever seen before and it offers some unique enhancements that are cool if not exactly mind-blowing.

Of course, the dual-screen design comes with some tradeoffs, and the Echo's design won't build confidence if you subject your gadgets to regular abuse. Even worse, a lackluster feature set makes the Echo's design its only real draw. It won't be for mass consumption, but the right user will appreciate its quirky character.

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