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Kyocera DuraCore review: Stripped-down push-to-talk

It's a rugged, straightforward phone with push-to-talk capabilities and resistance to dust, vibration, and shock.

Kyocera DuraCore
Kyocera DuraCore, (right) is the more basic version of the push-to-talk duo. The DuraMax also has a camera and a few more goodies. Josh Miller/CNET

The way I see it, the demographic of buyers for the Kyocera DuraCore is rather slim.

Rugged, it absolutely is, but it's also rather plain. It has a thick, sturdy build, a good, grippy surface, and is the third phone to ride on Sprint's new Direct Connect network. However, if you're looking for a durable device with a camera, a microSD card slot, and even more ruggedness, the Kyocera DuraMax will be more your speed. If it's a basic, durable phone you want for just making calls, stick with the more affordable DuraCore.

Watch the video, see the photos, and read the pros and cons in my full Kyocera DuraCore review.