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Kyocera delivers wireless music

Connect your music phone and home stereo with Kyocera's Bluetooth Music Gateway.

Kyocera Bluetooth Music Gateway
Kyocera's Gateway works with music phones and MP3 players CNET Networks

Beyond showing its slick new cell phones at CTIA, Kyocera also demonstrated its new Bluetooth Music Gateway. This nifty device receives music from any stereo Bluetooth phone or device and then transfers the tunes to your home stereo via a standard RCA cable. You can see it here with the Kyocera E5000 music phone. Though not the first such device on the market, it still caught our eye due to its compact design and simple, easy-to-use functionality. It's also reasonably priced at $79.99. Look for a full review from CNET in the next couple weeks.

The company also shows a Bluetooth adaptor that will let you stream music to the Gateway from a non-Bluetooth device like an Apple iPod Nano. And to make sure you can use the adapter with a variety of gadgets, it is available with 2.5mm and 3.5mm plugs. While the adapter alone is $34.99, by itself you can buy it bundled with the Gateway for $99.