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Kyocera Brio review: Sprint priced it right

The Kyocera Brio is Sprint's latest freebie for signing up for a new two-year contract.

Kyocero Brio
Josh Miller

Like a good top tier carrier, Sprint has a handful of free phones available to you at no cost when you sign up for a two-year plan. I remember my first one now, an incredibly ugly gold-colored Kyocera candybar phone--but hey, it worked!--and that was good enough to get me through my days as a poor college student.

I wish that the Kyocera Brio had been available back then. It comes with a QWERTY keyboard and offers strong call quality. Here's a sampling of the pros and cons, with many more when you read the full review.

The good
The Kyocera Brio has good call quality, access to Web-based e-mail, and room for a 32GB expansion card, and it's free with a new two-year contract.

The bad
The Brio's buttons and keyboard could be more comfortable to use, the camera is pretty terrible, and the Internet experience is poor. The Brio is not a 3G phone.

The bottom line
The Kyocera Brio is worth the price you pay for it, but unless you're in the market for a free feature phone with a small screen, QWERTY keyboard, and good call quality, keep on moving.

Watch the video, see the photos, and read the full Kyocera Brio review.