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Kyle MacLachlan lays out entire plot of 'Dune' in emojis

"Dune" is the poster child for epic sci-fi movies, but star Kyle MacLachlan is able to boil it all down into a single tweet through the power of emojis.

Actor Kyle MacLachlan is very obliging when it comes to fan requests on Twitter.

The star of "Twin Peaks" and "Portlandia" sends birthday shoutouts. He supports cancer research. He touts the benefits of coffee.

The actor, who portrayed Paul Atreides in the movie "Dune," also responds to fan requests, including Twitter user kirr's plea to explain the 1984 sci-fi epic. That's right, kirr asked MacLachlan to explain a two-hour movie based on a 400-page novel in 140 characters.

In a string of 41 emojis, MacLachlan detailed the plot of the sprawling space opera. He relies on the red-and-yellow starburst-like collision symbol to represent battles and conflicts within the storyline. Sandworms, creatures that inhabit the desert scenery of Dune, pop up in the form of the purple worm emoji.

And don't worry if MacLachlan's explanation still leaves you scratching your head when considering the plot of "Dune." It's convoluted.

Still, MacLachlan's synopsis has been re-tweeted more than 11,000 times and fans are now asking for emoji explanations of his other work, including "Sex and the City" and "Showgirls," an absolute stinker of a movie.

Here's hoping he doesn't actually take a stab at "Showgirls."

(Via Laughing Squid)