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Krzr to come to Cingular

Cingular should be the next carrier to get the latest Motorola style phone.


If you're a Cingular customer who's crazy over Motorola's Krzr K1, it appears you may not have to wait much longer for the thin handset. Though the carrier has made no official announcement regarding the phone's availability, an eagle-eyed Crave reader recently reported that the phone was featured in a Cingular ad in the November 30 issue of Rolling Stone. The ad was equally mum on a release date, but when I called a local Cingular store, an employee told me it wouldn't be available until next year.

Yes, it's all a bit mysterious, but I've seen it happen before where a company's marketing department gets ahead of its PR team. Last summer, Entertainment Weekly had an ad announcing the release date of the LG VX8500 Chocolate (July 31) before Verizon had sent out the official press release.