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Krugle signs Amazon to simplify Amazon Web Services development

Krugle just signed Amazon to power its developer network (search functionality). Why this matters...

Amazon used to be known as the "World's Largest Bookseller." Today, it sells a wide range of things, but also can boast one of the world's largest developer networks. Today, Krugle is announcing that Amazon has selected Krugle's syndicated code search technology, Krugle DevNetwork Edition, to help software developers more easily find code within the Amazon Web Services developer network.

This is the fifth such deal Krugle has signed lately, putting its code search tools in front of 1/3 of the world's 14 million developers. Other developer networks powered by Krugle include IBM developerWorks, Yahoo! Developer Network, and

This puts Krugle at the axis of open source and Web (SaaS) development. While today Krugle is in the mode of enabling developer productivity through search, it will be interesting to see where it goes next. Just as search was a starting point for Google, perhaps code search is just the beginning of Kruglean ambition to enable and manage all development? Far-fetched today, perhaps, but I suspect Krugle will figure out a way to use its foundation in code search to branch into adjacent functions/markets.

For Amazon, Krugle's code search solution will power Amazon Web Services, which "empowers developers with the tools and support to innovate and build businesses that leverage Amazon's data and technology platform using standard Web services technologies." This means that life for the developer tuning his or her service for the Amazon Web platform just became much more productive.

It's just one more step in turning the Web into the center of the development universe. Given the innovative work that Amazon does, this is a major coup for Krugle. I know from talking with Amazon's IT team that it builds, rather than buys, most of its software. The fact that it went with Krugle for its code search functionality truly indicates that it's the best on the market, for sale or for download.