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Tech Industry

KPMG going with Verity software

Professional services group KPMG has chosen Verity to provide advanced search and content classification across its U.K. operation. It chose the Sunnyvale, Calif., company ahead of a field of 12 that included Cambridge-based Autonomy. Verity software searches html-based data and attachments. By the end of the month, its K2 Enterprise 4.5 software will be used to provide automated classification of Oracle and SQL databases as well as Lotus Notes-based information.

Iain Simpson, information architect at KPMG said: "Autonomy has its place, but it's not appropriate for us, because the things it's good at are the specialist things we do already. We were looking for mass deployment. Verity understood our business. They didn't try and re-engineer our business," he said. The company has also been a supplier for KPMG, which meant there was in-house knowledge of how the systems worked. KPMG declined to discuss the financial details of the deal.'s Jon Bernstein reported from London.