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Korean Samsung ad likens the Galaxy Round to an egg

And not just an egg: apparently, the curved phone is also like an avocado, a lemon, a microphone and much more.

Since both LG and Samsung confirmed that they were producing curved-screen smartphones, we've had just one question: why?

We've yet to understand any real benefit to a curved phone. The companies making them can't even agree on which way to curve them: the LG G Flex curves on the horizontal axis and the Samsung Galaxy Round on the vertical.

With the phones about to go head-to-head in their native country of Korea, Samsung has produced a wonderfully baffling TVC for the Galaxy Round.

In the 30-second video, the Round is compared to any number of different curved objects: an egg, a lemon, a baby's hand, a slightly folded leaflet, half an avocado — even an hourglass.

We'd assume that Samsung is trying to echo its "inspired by nature" slogan for the Galaxy SIII. We certainly won't argue that, yes, the shape of the Round is similar to other familiar shapes, but it seems like a bit of a long bow to draw.

However, the comparison to a metal hip flask did make us realise one benefit of the curve — it will allow the Round to sit nicely in a breast pocket of a jacket, much like a hip flask does.

The ad also mentions the Bounce UX, which seems to be a suite of control functions around tapping or pushing the Round when it's sitting on a flat surface. We admit to being quite keen to see what functionality Samsung has created around this and whether it's worth the price of admission.

We might be waiting a while, though — so far neither Samsung nor LG have confirmed any plans to launch their curved phones outside of Korea.