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Korean firms launch teensy MP3 player

Claiming to take the featherweight crown for MP3 players, two Korean gadget makers unveil a device so small that it could practically get lost in pocket change, according to a report.

Two Korean firms have unveiled a featherweight MP3 player that is so small it might get mixed up in one's pocket change.

Jointly developed by local gadget makers Station Z and EraTech, Emp-Z measures 42 millimeters in diameter and 10 millimeters in thickness, The Korea Herald reported.

The companies claim the new device, which weighs 15 grams and comes with 128MB of non-expandable memory, is the smallest and lightest MP3 player in the world.

Excluding the built-in rechargeable batteries, the Emp-Z is half the weight of the lightest models available in the market today, the companies said.

To miniaturize the device, Station Z and EraTech did away with functions such as voice recording and combined the earphone and USB (universal serial bus) slots into one, the report said. Using a USB adapter, users can now transfer songs from their computers to the Emp-Z through a standard headphone jack.

The two firms said the new portable music player will cost around $120 and mass production is scheduled for later this month.

CNETAsia staff reported from Singapore.