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Tech Industry

Konica enters digital camera market

Another consumer electronics firm crosses into computer technology territory.

Another consumer electronics firm crossed into computer technology territory today, as Konica announced it will launch its version of a "megapixel" digital camera tomorrow.

The Japanese camera company said it will introduce its first consumer digital camera, the Q-M100, at the Photo Marketing Association convention tomorrow in New Orleans.

Despite the growing popularity of the Internet, a medium hungry for

Konica Q-M100
digital imagery, the digital camera market's growth to date has been stymied because the picture quality of most digital cameras has fallen well short of traditional cameras. But to a certain extent, that problem has been alleviated by the advent of "megapixel" cameras, or cameras capable of onscreen resolutions exceeding 1 million pixels.

The Q-M100 features 1.08 million-pixel resolution, which still does not equal the picture quality of traditional photographs, but is among the highest-resolution digital cameras for amateurs on the market.

Konica's Q-M100 features an auto-focus lens with 2X zoom, a 1.8-inch LCD monitor to view the images, a built-in video port, a 4MB Compact Flash memory card that can store up to 50 images, and Adobe's PhotoShop image editing software. The Q-M100 uses JPEG file compression to transfer images to a PC.

Konica did not reveal how much the Q-M100 would cost.