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Kongregate serves up a Facebook challenge platform

Online gaming site, Kongregate, is adding a challenge platform to its Facebook application.

The online gaming site, Kongregate, makers of some of the best time sucking games out there, is adding a challenge platform to its Facebook application on Monday. As of Tomorrow, Facebook users will be able to challenge their friends to a variety of Kongregate games, which are playable through embedded versions in Facebook. Right now, you are able to challenge your friends to eight different games.

The implementation here is really great. Kongregate makes it very easy to throw down the gauntlet against one of your friends and see who is really the best. You earn points for doing a variety of activities, including beating your friends in a challenge. The whole thing is rounded out by leaderboards which are broken down by friends, networks, and all players. Given the extremely addicting nature of Kongregate's games, I think that this application will catch on really well. As we saw with Scrabulous, games have great potential on Facebook and Kongregate really nailed it with their challenge platform.

I had a lot of trouble pulling myself away from these games to write this post, so I think that people are really going to enjoy this. Some of the most successful applications on Facebook are those that bring out people's competitive nature. We saw that when Facebook's developer platform first launched with iLike's music quiz and I think that we are going to see that again with Kongregate.