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Konami announces Metal Gear Survive

Attention Metal Gear fans! Hideo Kojima may be gone, but the series lives on.

Video game studio Konami on Wednesday revealed the next installment of the popular Metal Gear franchise, entitled Metal Gear Survive.

Survive is a four-person cooperative game, or co-op, set in a series of parallel universes and alternate timelines created by in-game wormholes. Players will use the familiar stealth mechanic established by the series and battle against zombie-like creatures with all-new weapons such as bow and arrows.

It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017.

CNET sister site Gamespot confirmed the game will be "budget-priced" in the vicinity of the $30 Ground Zeroes prologue. It will also be the first Metal Gear title from Konami since the departure of franchise creator Hideo Kojima.

Meanwhile, Kojima is working with "Walking Dead" star Norman Readus on a bizarre-looking game called Death Stranding.