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Koinup, a new (virtual) social network

The Italian service aims to be a place where users of any virtual world or online game can post their virtual photos and videos.

A new service out of Italy called Koinup is aiming to be the social network of choice for denizens of virtual worlds and online games like Second Live, World of Warcraft, IMVU and others.

The idea is to give these users a single place to post and share screenshots, video--known as machinima--or personal stories from the virtual worlds.

In addition, given that it is branding itself a social-networking service, it also allows users to create lists of friends from all these different environments, and to see all the content they've posted.

It won't, however, let you automatically move back and forth among the virtual worlds, which is something that is sort of a holy grail among heavy users of these spaces. But, that's probably too much to ask for from a fledgling service.

Already, sites like Flickr allow users to post screenshots from Second Life and other virtual worlds, but not video. So having a single place for all forms of media could be a pretty cool thing for people who are inclined to create such content.

As for whether it will catch on, that remains to be seen. But we'll be watching.