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Kodak's touch-screen digital photo frame

The border around the picture can be touched with a finger to scroll through digital photos.

Digital photo frames are really just expensive gift ideas for people you don't know how to buy for.

Kodak Quick Touch

We've all got a few of those types on our lists every year. And now there's a kinda cool feature for one of them: Kodak now makes the Quick Touch. While you don't have to touch the area of the frame where the photo would be (fewer greasy fingerprints!), the border can be swiped with a finger to advance through a collection of digital photos.

One of these will set you back $120, $180, or $230, depending on what level of features you want. The two high-end models can accept all major memory cards and USB drives. They also play MPEG and MP3 files.

(Via Gizmodo)