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Kodak ultrasupermegazoom

A 24X zoom lens wins the Kodak Z980 IS the specsmanship prize.

Kodak EasyShare Z980 IS
Do you really need a 24X zoom lens? Kodak

The 12-megapixel EasyShare Z980 IS has a24X 26mm-629mm-equivalent lens,with optical image stabilization that Kodak says delivers up to five stops of shake prevention. It'll need it.

Kodak's attempting to provide a more dSLR-like experience with an optional vertical grip. It also has a hot shoe, and supports 720p HD movie capture. The company's Smart Capture technology turns it back into a point-and-shoot by automatically correcting your photos.

One of the biggest drawbacks to megazooms is they tend to be really slow. Kodak says it's not, but that's what they all say. We'll have to test it to find out. It's slated to ship this spring for $399.95.