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Kodak to get some Celebrity Apprentices

Kodak has joined with Donald Trump, NBC, and Mark Burnett Productions to be one of the companies featured in "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Donald Trump

The writers strike might have put the kibosh on many sitcoms and dramas, but reality shows are still going strong. January 3 will see the return of Donald Trump's entrepreneurial reality show The Apprentice in the form of The Celebrity Apprentice. This time the apprentices are celebrities vying for a quarter million dollars to donate to their favorite charity.

Of course, that isn't the big news in this technology-focused blog. This time Kodak is going to be a company for one of the episodes, when contestants will work on producing and marketing a Kodak printing station in New York. Sure, this is a marketing campaign within a marketing campaign to advertise a marketing campaign, but at least it's for charity. In the words of the infamously-coiffed one himself:

"Anyone who has visited my office in Trump Tower will realize that I've had a long relationship with Kodak--there are pictures that go back for decades, especially of my parents, and my mother was big on family photos. They had to be the best quality, so Kodak was a household name. I'm extremely pleased that Kodak will be the biggest sponsor of The Apprentice this season. We expect another tremendous success for everyone!"

If that's not enough to hold his ego your interest, you can download your own 8.5x11 photo of The Donald from Kodak's site, to remind you just when this corporate celebrity shindig will take place. Or put on a dart board. It's your call.