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Kodak thinks scanning takes way too long

Kodak's $100,000 scanner processes up to 200 pages per minute

Man, don't you hate it when you have to stand around your office's scanner unit for, like, 10 minutes to scan that 200-page document? I mean, that's a whole 3 seconds per page--what a waste of time. What would you pay for an industrial-strength scanner that could cut that down, say, by a factor of 10? Kodak thinks you might pay upward of $100,000. Yes, that's five zeros. (It's actually a bit more, but what's another $5K when you've already dropped 20 times that amount?)

The Kodak i1860 can process 200 pages per minute (or 0.3 seconds per page), thanks to magic fairy dust (we suspect). If that's not enough, it's even height adjustable so that everyone in your office can comfortably scan at the speed of sound. It has a 500-page sheet feeder, and with its recommended daily volume of "unlimited," you might be tempted to see how long it would take to scan every scrap of paper in your office. And you really can scan scraps, too: 2.5x2.5 inches is the minimum document size, while 12x34 inches is the max. The i1860 offers optical resolution of 300dpi, five output formats, ultrasonic multifeed detection sensors to prevent catastrophic paper jams, a color touch screen, and FireWire connectivity.

Time is money, people. Stop dawdling.

(Photo: Kodak)