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Kodak taps retailers for photo format

The film company uses its EasyShare software to back a new standard that lets consumers send digital images from home PCs to chain stores for professional printing.

Eastman Kodak will use its digital-imaging software to support a new standard that lets consumers send digital images from their home computers to chain stores for professional printing.

Consumers using Kodak's EasyShare software will be able to place the orders online, and then they can either pick up the prints at the stores or have them shipped to their home. Chains participating in the plan include CVS, Target, Rite-Aid and Ritz Camera.

Kodak also said Wednesday that the list of photofinishing providers using the EasyShare software will be adopting the new Common Picture Exchange Environment (CPXe), an open standard and network intended to simplify ordering photo prints.

The CPXe was developed by the International Imaging Industry Association, a nonprofit trade group supported by Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, Fujifilm and others. It will maintain a directory of retail photofinishers that support the standard and will supervise the network that will allow online photo services, retail photofinishers and other services supporting CPXe standard to exchange images with each other.

Kodak said it also intends to support the CPXe standard in several other products, including its online photo storage service Ofoto, its PictureMaker kiosks and its Picture Center online retail service.

As consumers have gained new options for processing their digital images, they've also been more inclined to purchase digital cameras, market researchers say.