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Kodak set to unveil revolutionary inkjet printer?

Rumor has it that Kodak will be unveiling a new inkjet printer that uses cheaper ink.

Live from New York, it's Kodak!
Live from New York, it's Kodak! Kodak

Kodak's PR folks have been working hard to get the press to turn out in force for an event tomorrow at the NBC studio where Saturday Night Live is filmed. We know SNL-vet Molly Shannon will be there, but in a nod to Apple and Steve Jobs, Kodak's PR folks aren't revealing what the product is that they're hyping.

If you read the Kodak tea leaves (and The Wall Street Journal), there's a good chance what we'll be seeing tomorrow is a new inkjet printer--or even a couple of new inkjet models. That in itself isn't big news. Who cares about another inkjet, especially when Hewlett-Packard, Epson, and Canon make their share of pretty good ones. However, word is that Kodak will be working a whole new angle, touting how its printers will offer much cheaper refills (companies prefer we say inexpensive rather than cheap, but you get the picture).

If the rumor is true and Kodak's ink becomes a bargain, that may indeed be revolutionary--so long as the printer itself is any good. Whatever the case, we'll let you know how this all plays out tomorrow, live from New York. Sorry, I just had to say it.