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Video Cameras

Kodak Playfull coming to the UK 1 November

Kodak's latest waterproof camcorder will hit UK shelves on 1 November and cost just £79.99, Kodak has announced. Form an orderly queue.

Now the Flip is dead, you might've thought other pocket camcorders would go the same way. But you'd be wrong, as Kodak has just proved by announcing that its latest Playfull camcorder is coming to the UK on 1 November.

It's a water- and drop-proof device capable of taking a knock or two, and it looks like it should be your first choice if you're going away and don't want to risk breaking your phone when capturing video.

The Playfull is just 12mm thick, which is only mildly fatter than most phones, so will fit snug in your pocket when not in use. And it'll take pretty much anything you can throw at it, being water-proof to 3m and drop-proof from a height of 1.5m.

But just because it's small and rugged doesn't mean it scrimps on the tech. It's capable of recording 720p HD videos and can store 32GB of footage -- that's enough for a fair few hours of you surfing/skiing/paintballing. You can expand the memory with an SD card too.

You frame your shots using the 2-inch LCD, and it has HDMI and AV ports for piping videos straight to your TV. Just like the deceased Flip line, it features an inbuilt USB arm for transferring to your PC.

Priced at just £79.99, this little camcorder seems like a steal to us. It certainly beats having to ring up Carphone Warehouse and tell them you dropped your phone while bombing down a ravine or chasing the swell.

So would you pack the Kodak Playfull as a holiday companion? Yomp on over to our Facebook page and let us know.