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Kodak names its OLED technology

Eastman Kodak announced on Tuesday that it will call screens using its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology Kodak NuVue displays. The Rochester, N.Y.-based photography company will brand active- and passive-matrix OLED products Kodak NuVue. OLED is viewed as the successor to LCDs (liquid-crystal displays) in screen technology. OLED displays don't require a backlight because the materials used in the display light up when an electrical charge is applied. The light-emitting characteristic means that devices need less power to run and can be thinner than LCDs, which are dependant on a backlight.

Kodak's EasyShare LS633 digital camera recently joined a short list of products using OLED screens, such as cell phones and electric shavers. The camera comes with a 2.2-inch full-color active matrix OLED screen. In early April, rival DuPont Displays said it will sell its products using OLED under the Olight brand name.