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Kodak M series on the horizon

A new EasyShare camera series is in the works for Kodak.

Kodak EasyShare V803

The Kodak EasyShare V803.
Read the review.

A new EasyShare camera series is in the works for Kodak.

While visiting the Kodak stand at the PMA Australia 2007 imaging technology expo in Melbourne, representatives revealed a new addition to the EasyShare family is on its way, but wouldn't divulge many details.

Named the M series, the yet-to-be announced models will sit in the middle of Kodak's EasyShare range, between the entry-level C series and the higher-end V series. The company said it will focus on lifestyle, offering the upcoming models in a range of fashion colours, similar to those seen in the V series.

Kodak EasyShare C443
The Kodak C series sports a bulky "wave" design.

The new models will also be more streamlined and compact, forgoing the bulk that is added by the "wave" design of the C series, and sporting a silver band around the body, again like the V series.

Initially, two models are set to be released in the next 12 months, with the possibility of more to follow.

Unfortunately it isn't a whole lot of info to digest or get excited about, but stay tuned to where we'll share more details as we get them.