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Kodak licenses Apple's QuickTime for cameras

Eastman Kodak is licensing the software for a forthcoming line of digital cameras, enabling users to transfer video clips to a computer.

Eastman Kodak said today it is licensing Apple's QuickTime software for a forthcoming line of digital cameras.

The photography giant said the software will allow digital camera users to quickly make a video clip that can be played on a personal computer.

"The ability to use multimedia files in the Macintosh or Windows operating environments was an important consideration," Kodak senior vice president Willy Shih said in a statement.

Apple said last week that it will deliver a new version of QuickTime this summer.

With more than 50 million copies of the QuickTime 4 player distributed to Mac and Windows users, Apple said it is now looking beyond the PC for new uses.

"It's only a natural extension to move QuickTime out of desktop computers onto other devices," said Frank Casanova, director of QuickTime product marketing.

Apple said it expects other announcements to follow, but officials would not say what other kinds of products might also incorporate the software.