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Kodak has new digital camera

Kodak will ship a new high-end digital camera and software for processing photos.

Kodak today said that it has introduced a new high-end digital camera and software for processing digital photos.

The Kodak Digital Science DC210 zoom camera, with an estimated retail price of less than $900 in the U.S., can produce photo-realistic 5-by-7-inch pictures, the company said.

The camera processes images that can then be dropped directly into software applications, in widely used JPEG or FlashPix file formats. Other new features include video output for viewing pictures on TV and infrared transfer for downloading pictures wirelessly, Kodak said.

Software lets users make basic improvements to pictures and email them, print them, upload them to the new Kodak picture network, or order prints from the Kodak Image Magic print service, according to the company.

Kodak is also delivering a new generation of Kodak paper and transparency media that allows output of higher-quality images from color ink jet printers.

The new products will be available in the U.S. in early October.

In related news, two weeks ago the company reduced the price on two digital cameras, the DC120 zoom camera, now $799, and the DC50 zoom camera, now $499.