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Kodak announces two cameras for fall

A wide-angle megazoom and $200 compact

Kodak Z1015 IS
Kodak Z1015 IS Kodak

Kodak updates its camera line this fall with two models. The first, a 15x megazoom, as many models are doing, wisely trades some of its telephoto reach for the wider angle--it starts at 28mm-equivalent--and incorporates a 3-inch LCD. Though previous models used an optical image stabilizer, the 10-megapixel Z1015 IS instead uses mechanical (sensor shift) stabilization. Kodak also claims a sub-0.22 second shot lag ("click to capture"). The Z1015 IS will ship in September for $349.95.

As for the other model, the M1093 IS is a 10-megapixel, 3x zoom compact with a 3-inch LCD. Like most of Kodak's recent models, including the Z1015 IS, it records 720p movies. It will come in black, silver, and red when it ships in September for $199.95.