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Kobo Aura HD is a 6.8-inch high-res Kindle rival, for £140

Kobo's new E-Ink ebook reader packs loads of pixels, as well as a backlight.

Those keen on virtual books now have another gadget to choose from, as Canadian ebook-builder Kobo has taken the wrappers off its newest toy.

The Kobo Aura HD is much bigger than Amazon's Kindle devices, with an E-Ink touchscreen that measures a whopping 6.8 inches on the diagonal. That broad display packs a bundle of pixels into its monochrome maw, with an impressive 1,440x1,080-pixel resolution.

The screen is front-lit for reading in the dark, while Kobo reckons the 1GHz processor lurking within the Aura HD will make flipping through pages a speedy affair. Those fussed about colours will be interested to know this new gadget comes in Ivory, Espresso and Onyx (read: white, black and brown).

The Aura HD isn't out in the UK until 25 April, but you'll be able to pre-order it ahead of time at WH Smiths.

To acquire it, you'll have to pay a penny shy of £140, which is pricier than the £109 Wi-Fi only Kindle Paperwhite. When we get the Aura HD in for review, we'll be examining whether the higher resolution and bigger screen make it better value than Amazon's option.

Kobo is fighting the big name and broad book selection that Amazon brings to the table, but more competition can only be a good thing for gadget buyers. One advantage the Aura HD has over its rival is support for the popular .epub file format, which is used by many online ebook sellers.

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