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Knock your blocks off with Lego's new CD boom box

The Lego boom box hits stores this summer for $39.99.

LEGO Boombox Digiblue/LEGO

PlayStation 3s, iPods, and Wiis are the toys of today's tots, but I still hold a soft spot in my jaded heart for Legos. Brick by brick, they taught me the value of patience and creativity, and you know what? They didn't cost $200. That's why I'll always support these toys, even when they release a boom box with a CD player and analog radio.

The boom box is 10 times the size of the classic eight-knob rectangle and features two 1-watt speakers on the front faceplate. The big knobs on top control the volume and tuning of the analog AM/FM radio and the CD player, and there's also an auxiliary-in jack to pipe in music from an external source. I'm about 75 percent sure right now that audio quality is going to be a few notches less than superb, but what do you expect out of a stereo that look like a giant Lego brick? Just don't try to eat it.

The Lego boom box hits stores this summer for $39.99.

(Via Engadget via Digital Blue)