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Watch $1 knife get sharpened into a killer cutting-edge blade

A Japanese man's viral video shows how he transforms a super-cheap knife into a sword-like tool, though his cat's not impressed.

You can get some awesome deals at dollar stores, but most people wouldn't expect a dollar-store knife to slice and dice as well as a pricey blade used by a high-end chef.

Japanese YouTuber Jun Yoshizuki of Jun's Kitchen decided to turn a $1 purchase into a slice-o-matic marvel, and the video showing him doing it, posted Wednesday, has already earned more than 850,000 views.

He buys the knife in Japan for 108 yen (94 cents US, 75 pence, AU$1.27), brings it home, and starts up a sharpening ritual that would make a samurai proud -- though it does nothing for his orange cat, who falls asleep watching. The key is the multiple sharpening stones he uses, which run about $45-$60 (£35-47, AU$60-80) and some of which require soaking before use.

Warning: This isn't exactly a tutorial, he just sharpens without explanation, though links to the sharpeners and his favorite educational sharpening video are left in the video's notes.

When he's done, man, wake up the cat because the results are cutting-edge. Watch in amazement as he effortlessly slices paper, a tomato and, most impressively, a row of plastic water bottles.

"You can sharpen even a $1 knife very sharp, but the difference is the sharpness will not last long as a more expensive knife and you will need to sharpen it more frequently," he explains in the video's notes.