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Klipsch's Palladium series: The BMW of speakers

Designed by the same company that envisions BMW cars, Klipsch's Palladium series is an upscale in-home speaker system.

Have around $20,000 and nothing to spend it on? If you love music, why not drop it on the self-proclaimed "Dom Perignon of floor-standing speakers," also known as Klipsch's Palladium speaker series? Designed with help from BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the speakers are high-end in price and sound quality, according to the company.

Klipsch's Palladium P39-F speakers
Klipsch's high-end Palladium floor speakers, the P39-F, retail for $20,000. Klipsch

The flagship system of the series is the P39-F, which has 9-inch woofers for bass. Like many Klipsch products, the Palladium speakers use "horn-loaded" technology for the high and mid-frequency drivers, instead of a conventional cone driver.The result, the company says, is an acoustic, less distorted sound in which music is heard the way an artist intended.

The rest of the Palladium series, which was expanded this month, includes three floor-standing speakers, a bookshelf speaker, center channel speaker, surround sound speaker, and a subwoofer.

In addition to sounding good, the speakers are also designed to be easy on the eyes. Each speaker in the series is finished with a wood-grain veneer that comes in three different stains to match furniture. With prices ranging from $4,000 to $20,000, the speakers may be perfect for those who want their home audio system to sound and look as good as a BMW drives.