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Klipsch, Scosche announce VoiceOver-compatible iPod Shuffle earbuds

A day after the launch of the third-generation iPod Shuffle, companies have already begun to announce accessories for the device.

Scosche's upcoming VoiceOver compatible earbud line. Scosche

Apple said it would have third parties developing accessories for the new third-generation iPod Shuffle, and sure enough, they are. First out of the gate: Klipsch and Scosche. And by the end of the week--if not the end of today--we should be hearing about more.

As Engadget notes, Klipsch's press release was pretty weak--the company only said that it would have VoiceOver-compatible Shuffle 'buds by summer and that they would cost $99.99.

Scosche was a lot more specific. It plans to have three earphone models--the IDR350M, IDR450M, and IDR650M--that feature an integrated control surface and range in price from $49.99 to $99.99. Interestingly, the release also notes that a miniature microphone built into the back of the control surface will allow users to record voice memos on the latest iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic 120GB.

Scosche has a VoiceOver-compatible headphone adapter in the works as well. Scosche

Scosche is also developing an inline control adapter kit that will allow you to use "any standard set of headphones and enjoy all of the advanced features of the third-generation iPod shuffle." The inline control will also allow you to plug your third-generation Shuffle into any vehicles' auxiliary input and maintain full control of the iPod. No word on how much the dongle will cost but we have a call into Scosche's public-relations agency, and we'll let you know if Scosche gets back to us with a price (apparently, the dongle was literally designed in the last couple of days).

As I said, we expect to see a lot more companies announcing just these types of headphones and accessories--so stay tuned.

Anybody else think this is kind of ridiculous? Why couldn't Apple just equip the new Shuffle with a VoiceOver headphone adapter of its own? Oh, yeah, it probably collects a licensing fee from these guys. Genius.

Via Engadget.