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Klipsch offers up premium powered floorstanders, the R-28PFs

Klipsch has two new sets of powered speakers -- the R-28PF floorstanders and the R-14PM powered monitors -- which offer digital connections and Bluetooth.


The Kipsch Reference R-28PF


Until recently you had two options when buying a new sound system -- a fully fledged stereo or AV system with separate amplification and masses of wires or a convenient but sonically-limited sound bar. Klipsch's R-15PM powered speaker tried -- pretty successfully -- to offer the convenience of a sound bar and the sonic advantages of stereo speakers. Klipsch has followed this system up with two new models including a high-end floorstander and a newer, cheaper option.

Klipsch Reference R-28PF ($1,199) powered floorstanding speakers and R-14PM ($399) powered monitors feature a plethora of inputs including a phono preamp, a 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and Bluetooth. If you want more oomph, they both include a subwoofer output.

The Klipsch Reference R-28PF offers:

  • Dual 8-inch "copper spun IMG woofers"
  • 1-inch linear travel suspension (LTS) in its own Tractrix horn
  • Bi-amplified 260W amplifier

The Klipsch Reference R-14PM  features:

  • Single 4-inch copper spun magnetically shielded IMG woofer
  • 3/4-inch LTS tweeters in Tractrix horns
  • Low-noise 80W amplifier

The Klipsch R-14PM


Both speakers feature the "love it or hate it" brushed vinyl finish of other Klipsch speakers. We're awaiting pricing and availability on the two models for the UK and Australia. You can expect somewhere in the realm of £1,200/AU$2,400 and £400/AU$800 respectively.

The Klipschs seem to offer a lot for the money as most competitors either cost a lot more (such as the KEF LS50) or have fewer consumer-friendly features (such as the pro-level Adam Audio F5).