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Klingon Style: Guts, glory, blood, and Korean pop music

Today is a good day for a "Gangnam Style" parody translated into the Klingon language with some get-down dancing from the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Klingon Style
"Baby, baby, planet, warp drive, pickle, galaxy, planet." Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

When Korean pop star Psy unleashed the eye- and ear-grabbing video for "Gangnam Style" on the Internet, he probably didn't expect it to be remade by a crew of aliens and Starfleet personnel. Even better, the song has been translated into the Klingon language. HIja'!

The music video is also a celebration of the 25th anniversary of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Watch out for cameo appearances from Data, Counselor Troi, and Commander Riker. Guinan shakes it down in the infamous elevator scene.

Translating the "Gangnam Style" lyrics into Klingon has obviously presented some challenges. The effort produced my favorite lines of the song: "I am excited. Breasts, midnight snack, Starfleet, buttocks. I love you. Yes."

Klingon has never been mistaken for the language of love, but some of the lyrics are surprisingly tender. "I must show you my heart. One two romance success!" Others are right in line: "Let's kill some Romulans." Yeah baby, talk Klingon to me.

(Via VentureBeat)