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KittyKorner on Kickstarter cuts door corners for cats, rivets Reddit

Reddit can't take its eyes off this hinged cat door gadget on Kickstarter.

"Big-boned" test cat Rye runs through the KittyKorner cat door.


Installing a cat door can be a bit intimidating, as it usually requires power tools and some basic handyperson knowledge. Which might explain why Reddit is so fascinated with an offbeat little Kickstarter project called KittyKorner.

KittyKorner is a simple hinge system that requires a single cut across the lower corner of a door. It's meant for interior doors to allow your feline friend to come and go as it pleases while still keeping the kids and dog out of the room. 

The device can be locked in an upward or downward position in case Ms. Fluffytoepuffs is being obnoxious and has to be banned from the bedroom. 

The project has 21 days to run and isn't exactly raking in the big bucks, with about $1,250 in pledges toward a $35,000 goal. But that hasn't stopped Reddit users from scrutinizing the design based on a GIF of the gadget in action. 

Some are questioning how this is better than a regular cat door. Reddit user DearyDairy seems to have a solid assessment: "It's not better, it's just different. Some people might prefer how this looks, especially as in the locked position it just looks like a cracked door, so it's not as obvious as the conventional cat doors."

The KittyKorner pledge prices start at $25 (£19, AU$33) and the product ships anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time and as promised. And, yes, KittyKorner will probably work just as well for most chihuahuas and other dainty dogs.