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Hiss-terical: Kittify adds meow-velous cat puns to any writing

Slather your emails, Facebook updates and work reports with enough cat puns to make your friends and colleagues furrious.

CNET test cat Delia approves this message.

Amanda Kooser/CNET

We now have further evidence the Internet exists for the main purpose of disseminating cat content. Kittify, a simple website with a single-minded purpose, takes any text you feed into it and rewrites it with cat puns.

Here's that opening paragraph after it was Kittified: "We meow have furthepurr evidence the Internet exists fur the main purrpose of disseminating cat content. Kittify, a simpawle website with a single-minded purrpose, takes any text you feed into it and rewrites it with cat puns." That's such an improvement.

As it turns out, cat puns can improve almost any sample of the written word. Sometimes the results are subtle, as with this famous Yoda quote from Star Wars: "Do. Or do not. There is hiss no try." Words to live by.

Sometimes the rewritten text is a bit more complex, like with this translation of the "Star Trek" opening: "Space, the final furrontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterpurrise. Its 5-year mission: to expawlore strange new worlds, to seek out new one of your 9 lives and new civilizations, to boldly go where hiss no man has gone befure."

Kittify launched Friday. Its creator, Daniel Landy, shares a handy guide showing just how the translator substitutes words. The phrase "My name is" automatically changes to "My owners call me" and "go for it" switches to "catnip it in the bud meow." "Garbage" becomes "litter box" and "yes" becomes "yarn right."

Kittifying your communications won't earn you any professionalism points, but it is highly entertaining.

(Via Neatorama)