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Kitschy-fun case turns iPad into Etch A Sketch

Headcase's new officially licensed Etch A Sketch iPad case is just what it sounds like.

Etch A Sketch iPad case

From the "why didn't I think of this?" file comes the Etch A Sketch iPad case from Headcase. The iPad (like the iPhone) already has a shake-to-undo function, so it seems like a natural. It even has the little knobs found on the iconic toy, which, sadly, don't do anything here.

But it sure looks awesome. It's officially licensed, so it even has the same raised gold logo at the top and is made from red plastic that looks a lot like the original, which is celebrating its 50th year.

It's set up so users have access to all the controls and ports the iPad sports, which is nice, and it even has a nifty pair of retractable kickstands that turn it into a bit of an easel.

It's just kitschy $39 fun, but what if it was Bluetooth enabled and the controls actually worked with an Etch A Sketch app? I'll tell you what if: I'd buy one for my trusty iPad.

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