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Great kitchen gifts under $25

Last-minute doesn't have to be lame.

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By now, you should have most of your holiday shopping out of the way, right? Maybe? Possibly? If you're still on the hunt for some useful and unique gifts for a foodie, home cook or serial host or hostess, we've got you covered there too with a smorgasbord of kitchen and cooking gifts under $25. 

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Personal blenders are all the rage for making easy smoothies on the go. This Oster blender, which has a pop-top lid so you can blend and run, fares well in verified-purchase reviews, and it costs less than two smoothies at a fancy juice bar. 


It doesn't get much cuter than this mini waffle maker. It's available in a rainbow of cool colors and prints, most of which will ship in time for Christmas.


There's a flash deal happening on this charming porcelain butter dish. It's available in white or turquoise and ships in time for the big day.


This strainer, which clips onto the side of your pasta pot, sits firmly in the "why didn't I think of this?" category.


This is one of those gifts that's going to be hard not to keep for yourself once it arrives. Maybe get two, just in case?


What good is a heaping mound of beauitful citrus if you can't show it off?


Fans of The Great British Baking Show will know you need an adjustable rolling pin to get perfectly even dough, and the baker on your list will be glad to have one.


Know a Dunkin' addict who has been converted into a Keurig person during the pandemic? These 44-pack Dunkin' K-Pods will make them feel like everything is back to normal, if only for a few glorious sips.



A nice rustic cheese board is always in fashion. This one is perfect for small dinner parties or gatherings (so on trend) made from treated teak wood. Gift this along with some nice wine or hunk of manchego and you'll definitely be invited back. 

Wayfair has another charming squared-edged version of this board for $20, but inventory is low.


We could all use more drawer space in the kitchen and one way to get there is by slapping more things against the wall. I, for one, think it looks pretty cool having your blades on display as long as there are not too many small and grabby kids around.


As someone who struggles with cooking rice, I would be more than pleased to see this little fella under the tree. It's truly adorable and just $23 at Best Buy.


Pair this mechanized scoop with an ice cream delivery or monthly subscription to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream and I think it's safe to say your giftee will be sweet on you for life.


It's always nice having some help opening those pesky beer bottles, especially from your friendly neighborhood mermaid. Pair this gal with a nice selection of brews for a beer drinker on your list.


OK, one more that's over the limit but it's worth it for dad, uncle, mom or whoever not to have to choose between a stogie and a nip of booze next time they leave the house. Pair this one with a delicious bottle of bourbon and you're in business.