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Kiss Controller: Smooch your way to high scores

Pucker up! Smooch-driven bowling game lets players control the action with their mouth muscles.

PDA for geeky gamers. Hye Yeon Nam

<bragging>My girlfriend often tells me I'm a great kisser </bragging>, and now those skills could help me become a gaming Casanova.

Artist (and Georgia Tech Ph.D. candidate) Hye Yeon Nam and Sam Mendenhall have created the Kiss Controller, a project that uses snogging motions to control a bowling video game. Setup is relatively easy; one lovebird straps on a headset with sensor receivers, and the other attaches a magnet on their tongue using Fixodent. I can just imagine the odd stare I'll get at the drugstore buying a value size tube of denture adhesive.

To play, the person with the magnet on his or her tongue uses mouth muscles to guide the direction and speed of the bowling ball. As you can see in the video below, centering the ball is a rather tongue-tying experience, while speed is determined by how fast you kiss. Unfortunately, my style of kissing is a little slower and more tender, so I'll have to wait for Romantic Kiss Controller.

The Kiss Controller's primary goal is to elicit the "emotional experience of a kinetic act while users play the game rather than control games with their body." The controller has "not been proposed to the video game industry," but it has gotten a lot of attention in the tech world lately. Sadly, a girl (or guy) is not included with the game.