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Kingston shipping its new 32GB Elite Pro SDHC Flash memory card

According to Kingston, its new high-end 32GB Elite Pro SDHC is now on sale at retailers for the rather hefty price of $308.

The 32GB Elite Pro SDHC has a MSRP of $308. Kingston Technology

Kingston Technology has notified us that it's shipping its 32GB Elite Pro SDHC Flash memory card, the largest capacity in Kingston's Elite Pro line of SDHC cards, which currently includes 4-, 8- and 16GB capacities. According to Kingston, its new fast 32GB card can "capture more than 6,000 still images with a 10MP camera and over eight hours of video (for 6Mbps HD Extended recording)."

The latest and greatest high-capacity cards don't come cheap and this one has a suggested retail price of $308, though we've seen it online for closer to $200. By comparison, 16GB SDHC cards can be had in the $60-to-$100 range, depending on the brand. Of course, wait a year, and the price for this 32GB card will be cut in half. That's the way memory's been going.

Anybody buying?